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Keep Our Village Looking Great!

The Village Board is striving to keep Stratton “a good place to grow,” which includes enforcing ordinances to beautify our village. Village Ordinance 91.24(B) and (C) states: (B) The owner or occupant of any lot or piece of ground within the village shall keep the lot or piece of ground and adjoining streets and alleys free of any growth of 12 inches or more in height of weeds, grasses, or worthless vegetation. . . .

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Tree & Garden Waste Cleanup

Call us to be placed on the pick up list!

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Fall Clean Up

Join us for our first fall clean up collection day!

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Water Meter Reminder

The Village Board would like to remind all residents that Ordinance 50.23 states: It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully or carefully break, injure or deface any building, machinery, apparatus, fixture, attachment or appurtenance of the Municipal Water Department. No person may deposit anything in a stop box or commit any act tending to obstruct or impair the intended use of any of the above mentioned property without the . . .

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Retired Flags

The Village of Stratton would like to help you properly dispose of retired American Flags. You can drop off your retired American Flag anytime during normal business hours at the Village Clerk’s Office and we will ensure that it is disposed of properly with a group that is familiar with flag retirement protocol.

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The Village of Stratton utility department would like to ask you to please make sure we have all your correct contact information including NAME, MAILING ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. We have been unable to contact some residents due to incorrect or outdated information. We also have several accounts with improper or deceased contact person listed.  PLEASE update this information before there is an emergency reason to be contacting . . .

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Blackflow Prevention

BACKFLOW PREVENTION AND THE CUSTOMER Helping Keep Our Water Safe !!     What you can do to prevent cross connections and keep your drinking water safe. 1. Check your faucets to be sure that all faucet endpoints are above the flood level of the sink, tub, basin, or other . . .

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