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November Board Meeting

November 26, 2018

A meeting of the Stratton Village Board of Trustees was held on Monday November 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm CT at the Village Clerk’s Office.  Notice of the meeting was posted and availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice.  A poster of the “Open Meetings Act” was clearly visible on the office wall, and Chairperson P. McDonald directed the attention of those present to the poster. All proceedings hereafter shown occurred while the meeting was in session. Present: Chairperson P. McDonald, Vice Chairperson F. Priddy, Trustee J. McDonald, Trustee T. Jones, Trustee J. Richardson, Superintendent League, Clerk T. Hedrick, Romello Grier, Larry Schoenhauer and Rebecca Stevens.


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.



Clerk Hedrick informed the board that the new website was now active. Clerk Hedrick also informed the board of the results of the local sales tax at the elections. Larry Schoenhauer spoke to the board on his concern of the current cat population and what ideas he had on helping control the issue. Rebecca Stevens voiced her concern of animal neglect. Superintendent League informed the board that we would be having items of surplus property that would need disposed of. The board discussed options available to do this. Superintendent League also gave a report of the results of the asbestos inspection at 409 Bailey and an update on the plans to demolish the building.



Motion by T. Jones and second by J. McDonlad to approve the previous minutes, claims and treasure’s report.  Roll call: Ayes- J. Richardson, J. McDonald, T. Jones, P. McDonald. Nays- none. Absent-F. Priddy. Motion carried.



There was discussion regarding the ordinance on feral cats presented. The need for the ability to license cats and the need to collect fees on those residents not complying with the ordinance was discussed.  Clerk Hedrick will collect more information and present it at the next monthly meeting. 



Discussion was held regarding the residence of 510 Barton. A letter regarding the concern of nuisance as outlined in Ordinance 91.20- 91.25 was sent to the residence and no action has been taken at this time by the owners of the residence. Rebecca Stevens stated that all items have been cleaned up that she was able to on her property. Superintendent League showed pictures taken as of the current date and pointed out the items that still need removed or disposed of. When asked, Rebecca Stevens stated that these items were for their business. Rebecca Stevens was reminded by the board of the prohibited items included in the ordinance and given options for resolving the problem. Rebecca Stevens stated she will pick up the tree dump key tomorrow and begin clean-up of the property. Clerk Hedrick will be printing out pictures from Superintendent League with the problem items marked for clarity.


Vice-Chairman F. Priddy arrived at 7:45 pm.


Motion by T. Jones and second by J. Richardson to accept employee resignation from Michelle Grier. Roll call: Ayes- F. Priddy, J. McDonald, T. Jones, P. McDonald, J. Richardson. Nays- none. Motion carried.


The need to rehire for the position of Hall Cleaning was discussed. Clerk Hedrick will be advertising for the position and the board will review applications at the next board meeting.


Accumulation and use of employee benefits were discussed. A committee will meet in January to discuss the revision of the employee handbook. Until that time Superintendent League will be allowed to carry his vacation time until March 2019 due to unusual circumstances this prior year preventing the use of said vacation.


Clerk Hedrick requested approval to attend the Municipal Clerk Institute in March 2019. The board agreed it would be beneficial to the Village for her to attend.


Motion by T. Jones second by J. McDonald to sign certification of city street superintendent as Tyson Bardsley and Gary Dicenta for the prior year. Roll call: Ayes- T. Jones, P. McDonald, J. Richardson, F. Priddy, J. McDonald. Nays- none. Motion carried.


Motion by T. Jones second by F. Priddy to approve building permit for 412 Bailey Street. Roll call: Ayes- P. McDonald, J. Richardson, F. Priddy, J. McDonald, T. Jones. Nays- none. Motion carried.


Discussion regarding certificate 141042 was held. The possibility of using the certificate for matching funds for the new Library was discussed. It was agreed that it should be renewed for the current term of eight months.


Clerk Hedrick presented information to the board regarding utility e-bill for customers. After reviewing the benefits and price options it was decided that utility e-bill would be offered to the Village utility customers.


Chairman P. McDonald and Board Member J. McDonald excused themselves from the meeting to take a phone call at 8:15 pm.


Chairman P. McDonald and Board Member J. McDonald returned at 8:25 pm.


The board reviewed proposal from CDS Inspections and Beyond, Inc. regarding lead based paint services. Clerk Hedrick mailed requests to five different companies, however CDS Inspections was the only proposal received by the Village. After review and discussion the board scored the criteria of the proposal.

Motion was made by F. Priddy and seconded by J. McDonald to offer a contract to CDS Inspections and Beyond, Inc. for Lead- Based Paint Specialized Services for the Village’s proposed Owner- Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program. Roll call: Ayes- J. McDonald, T. Jones, P. McDonald, J. Richardson, F. Priddy. Nays- none. Motion carried.


Streets, Alleys, & Landfill Committee Report: Superintendent League discussed the need to repost winter snow routes and the need to purchase a snow blower for the Village owned sidewalks.


Electricity Committee Report: Nothing new to report.


Water & Sewer Committee: An update on the sewer study was given by Superintendent League.


Finance Committee Report: Nothing new to report.


Health & Welfare Committee Report: The need to look into the issues of animal neglect was discussed.


Park & Recreation Committee Report: Superintendent League reported the statues of Christmas decorations for the Village.


The meeting adjourned at 8:34 pm.


Peggy McDonald, Chairperson                                  


Tara Hedrick, Village Clerk


The next regular meeting of the Village Board of Trustees will be held on Monday December 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Village Office.

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