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April 17, 2023 Minutes

May 02, 2023

A meeting of the Stratton Village Board of Trustees was held on Monday April 17, 2023 at 7:00 pm CT at the Village Clerk’s Office. Notice of the meeting was posted and availability of the agenda was communicated in the advance notice. A poster of the “Open Meetings Act” was clearly visible on the board room wall, and Chairman Hanes directed the attention of those present to the poster. All proceedings hereafter shown occurred while the meeting was in session. Present: Chairman S. Hanes, Trustee K. Sutton, Trustee P. Bohochik, Trustee M. McDonald, Trustee J. Griffiths, Clerk T. Hedrick, Utilities Superintendent M. Petersen, Deputy Clerk D. Burk, members of the public Barbara Sydow, Doug Newcomb, Melissa Dailey, Linda Zahl, Florence Priddy, Wade Hanes, Paul Johnson, and Joni Johnson.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.



Member of the public Wade Hanes inquired as to why the electric connection at Corban Rogers didn’t come to a board vote. Superintendent Petersen reviewed how ordinance states for the Village to provide electric connection up to the property line of the residence. It was mentioned that there were two bids received even though bids were not required.

Member of the public Melissa Dailey asked why the board was okay spending money on an electrical connection however have a problem with approving access to property.

Member of the public Doug Newcomb thanked Superintendent Petersen for putting organization back into town. He also informed the board that he has been shooting blanks at buzzards in the trees by his house. Doug also mentioned that by waiving the three readings on ordinances it takes away the publics ability to participate and that a board member had treated a member of the public rudely at a prior meeting. Doug stated he would like to see the board follow the rules and have the agenda and bills to be approved available in advance. Wade Hanes added that some of the ordinances he has viewed were not signed and that none of the minutes have stated the three readings were waived.


Motion by McDonald and second by Sutton to approve the previous minutes, treasurers’ report and claims. Roll call: Ayes: Sutton, Bohochik, McDonald, Hanes, Griffiths. Nays: None. Motion carried.



Utilities Superintendent Petersen gave an update on radio read electric meters. The town selling the meters has not yet removed the meters currently.


Radio read water meters were discussed. There was still concern over the time frame on when meters would be available to ship. The board would like to have both companies who have been in contact with the village regarding water meters to attend the next board meeting to discuss options.



Motion by McDonald and second by Hanes to approve fence permit for 507 Baxter. Roll call: Ayes: Sutton, McDonald, Hanes, Griffiths. Nays: None. Abstained: Bohochik. Motion carried.


A claim submitted for work on the water valve at 309 Bayard was reviewed. The resident at 309 Bayard had a water leak on a Saturday and was unable to shut off the water to the house. The Village curb stop was also inoperable. Due to Superintendent Petersen being unavailable the curb stop at 309 Bayard was replaced by the resident. Motion by Griffiths and seconded by McDonald to pay $150.00 towards the invoice.


A dog complaint at 404 Nebraska was reviewed. Dog ordinances were reviewed. Clerk Hedrick advised that she had already sent a letter with a reminder of the Village ordinances with no response from the residents. The board directed Clerk Hedrick to send another letter to the resident as a final warning.


Employee Report: Nothing new to report.


Streets, Ally and Landfill Report: Planned street repairs were reviewed.


Electricity Committee Report: Questions on transformers were answered and all purchased transformers have been accounted for.


Water & Sewer Committee Report: Superintendent Petersen informed the board that Maguire Iron would be coming to complete the scheduled water tower cleaning soon. During this time the water tower will be bypassed and water usage will need to be restricted. Superintendent Petersen will schedule a time and more information will be communicated to the public.


Finance Committee Report: Nothing new to report.


Health & Welfare Committee Report: Nothing new to report.


Park & Recreation Committee Report: Purchase of a dog waste station was discussed. The board agreed that purchasing two units for under $500.00 would be helpful. Griffiths volunteered to pick out a unit and have it ordered. Superintendent Petersen will be applying fertilizer to the park soon and it was also mentioned that there is a gopher problem that needs addressed. Only one application has been received for the swimming pool. Petersen stated that he does have enough chemicals on hand to open if we receive more applications and able to open the pool.


Motion by Hanes and seconded by Griffiths to adjourn the meeting. Roll call: Ayes: Sutton, Bohochik, McDonald, Griffiths, Hanes. Nays: None. Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.


The next regular meeting of the Village Board of Trustees will be held on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 7:00 pm at the Village Office.

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